Best Reasons To Believe The World Is Ending Soon

For everyone who’s watched a Hollywood movie before, there are many reasons and scenarios on how the world can end. The fact is, anything is possible. But sometimes it’s a little too farfetched, which helps to calm the nerves and settle people down. However, there are some realistic possibilities that pose real threats to humanity. So, in light of getting prepared, here are the best reasons to believe the world is ending soon.

There Are Too Many People

Since the 18th century the warning bells of over-population have been ringing, but a good way to control it has yet to be found. Currently, there are about 7.4 billion people on earth, and the number is rising at an alarming rate. You don’t have to be a genius to know that earth’s natural resources can’t keep up with the ever-growing population. To make matters worse, more than half of these people have intense personal opinions about how things should work. There’s no getting around the fact that too many people in a single space typically leads to havoc and mass destruction.

Nuclear Warfare

Nuclear WarfareEven though most countries are “open” about the amount of nuclear missiles they own, it doesn’t make the threat any less real. According to research, only a fraction of the missiles that exist needs to be used to start a global meltdown. To put this into perspective, if a regional war causes the launch of 100 nukes, five teragrams of black soot will rise into the atmosphere. This will cause severe drops in temperature because the sun can’t shine through it. This regional war can block out the sun for at least 25 years. Now take into account the current situations around the world and ask yourself – were nukes made to be sexy?

If the world does end, you better make sure you have the supplies you need to survive. Food and shelter are important, but a tactical flashlight could save your  life. Check out this great resource to help choose a top rated light.

Artificial Intelligence

Several movies have used artificial intelligence as a reason for the destruction of humanity, and with good reason. As you are reading this, there are smart and rich people around the world investing in this technology, hoping to create a machine that can actually think for itself. You should also know that the UN called for a ban on killer AI robots not too long ago because the technology is almost reaching a peak. Unfortunately, there will always be someone who breaks the rules, regardless of the consequence, and nobody can tell whether these robots will be friendly or aggressive. Do you really think all that money invested in this type of research will get thrown in the water? Think again.

Man-Made Virus

Yes, it’s completely possible that humanity can face extinction due to a man-made virus. In 2011 the scientific world was shocked when a mutant version of the bird flu was discovered. It was airborne and ready to be used. The Bottom Line When it comes down to it, the big rock known as Earth is just as vulnerable to the elements of space. According to astronomers, a meteor can come out of nowhere and strike it. At this point in time, it’s safe to assume every second is a given.

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US elections: protests directed at Trump’s Campaign

Apparently Donald Trump’s decisions and choices have an impact even on people outside the United States.

Unfortunately for him, we are not talking about the good kind of influence that rises people to support his vision, but about the negative response to his campaign and all that it stands for.

gettyimages-477326230-1-_wide-35962f056261babb344df784d9aceda9b88d26a5-s900-c85We all remember Trump’s idea of a solution for decreasing the number of illegal immigrants from Mexico by creating a giant wall between Mexico and U.S. Recent demonstrations in New Mexico left campaign merchandise on fire where protesters confronted police guarding Donald Trump’s rally in a riot.

Plastic bottles and burning T-shirts were thrown on police officers at a convention center in Albuquerque outside the rally. Banners that were held by demonstrators read “We’ve heard enough” and “Trump is Fascist,” some of the demonstrators held and waved a Mexican flag. All of this happened after interrupting Trump’s speech at the rally, where police had to use smoke grenades and pepper spray to defend against the demonstrators.

Being that New Mexico is a state with highest number of Hispanic citizens in the U.S, it is only natural that the campaign had little success in this state.

It didn’t start violently.

Albuquerque Convention Center Hotel AerialThe protest began peacefully outside the Convention Center in Albuquerque. The tension started to rise when Trump’s supporters began to arrive and rise in number. It started with racial insults that both sides exchanged, followed by throwing water bottles at each other. As the rise in numbers increased to over 600 protesters at both sides, demonstrations became violent, and police had to intervene to resolve the obstruction of Trump’s speech.

Not only bottles were thrown, said Albuquerque police, but rocks and lighters that targeted officers and police horses. Several officers were injured. The police responded by deploying smoke grenades and pepper spray at the crowd.

Mr. Trump is also to blame, provoking and directly addressing to members of the protest with remarks on their age, asking “how old is this kid?” and adding “still wearing diapers?” and continued to provoke the crowd saying to others “Go home to mommy.”

Karla Molinar, the University student, explained to the Associated Press that she helped to disrupt Trump’s speech because she felt threatened and irritated by his insults directed at her family members that were living illegally in the country. She added that they were being used as scapegoats in his speeches for national’s problems.

gov-susana-martinez-jpgOf course, this is not the first time that violence occurred at Mr. Trump’s rallies. Canceling gatherings due to clashes between opponents of the campaign and his supporters only proves that Trump is not doing the best job controlling the situation. Susana Martinez, the New Mexico’s Republican Governor, doesn’t have anything nice to say to Mr. Trump provoking the immigrants and didn’t declare if she will support his candidacy for the upcoming elections. Other senior members of the local Republican party, as well as Susana Martinez, didn’t attend to trumps latest rally. The November’s presidential elections are close, and Trump is close to securing the votes needed for him to officially become the Republican candidate.

The increase of the United Kingdom’s debt

debt_consolidation_feesThe borrowing of the government is becoming much higher than what analysts have predicted and anticipated for April after the forecast tax payment of the organization fell short of hopes. The statistics of the Office for Countrywide stated that borrowings increased, although the help of the U.S. banks. The debt appears to be large in numbers, counting 7.2 billion pounds in April.

 The analysts predicted that it would decrease to approximately 6.6 billion pounds in the final year, knowing that the original number was 7.5 billion pounds. The ONS also revised additionally the borrowed amount throughout the economic year to March and modified into 2 billion extra from the previous estimate in February.

3d Little man waves the Union JackThe lower than expected income was the main reason for a shorter figure that came from contributions of insurance of national workers. The ONS states that the yearly borrowing has been failing in general before it reached the peak in 2010 and 2011 financial year.  If the U.K. doesn’t find any possible solutions to their financial problems their borrowings will increase and debt will become greater and harder to pay off later. This is of course because of the interest rates that grow by every year exponentially to the country’s financial income. Other solutions were suggested by the neighbor countries that U.K. government and financial advisors disregarded and had put aside as a possible solution to the increasing debt need.

The figure in April was directly affected by the less expected Companies income tax. There are a lot of planning to be done for the financial team that is assembled by the government as the best at what they do. To increase their income, they must think of new ways of increasing the tax without burdening the state thus adding to the U.K. budget. Another opinion of the experts regarding this matter is to load another fresh loan to repay the previous one. Many worldwide debt collectors and loaners support the idea of debt to debt system. As the borrowings increase, the rate of interest grows also. Osborne-Budget-1_3228824kWhen the time comes to repay the debt, if the state has to prolong the period of returning the money, then interest rates grow exponentially to the time passed. Getting a new credit refreshes the interest rates as the county repays one debt by loaning money from another donator. This is a familiar technique that passes the loan to another loaner giving more time for the country to stabilize the financial situation. The downside of this idea is that country’s donator numbers decrease with each debt “transaction”, similar to the situation that happened with Greece. Another option could be to get the agreement from worldwide debt collectors to join forces and create a mutually beneficial borrowing system directed at the country that requested the loan itself. This takes a time to become a possibility as regulations and rules must be properly inspected, as complications rise for deals that skip this process and go through with it before the time is right.

Russia finally frees Ukraine servicewoman Nadiya Savchenko

cd2a17f948e1122d2941e5cb093ec663Nadiya Savchenko, who recently became a symbol for resistance against Moscow was finally released by Russian government from jail, dropping all charges against her. “I am Free”- these were her first words addressed to the crowd of journalists and politicians that awaited in Kiev. The process of prisoner swapping made her release possible, where two Russian soldiers, Alexander Alexandrov, and Yevgeny Yerofeyev, were a part of the swapping process.

In June 2014 she denied the charges that sentenced her to 22 years in jail, accusing her of killing two Russian Journalists by directing artillery fire at pro-Russian forces in Ukraine.


Nadiya was pardoned before her return to Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin said that his decision for pardoning Savchenko was made after meeting the relatives of the two Russian reporters, who insisted on showing mercy to Ukraine’s army aviator.

The Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko did the same thing by pardoning the two Russian nationals.

Mr. Poroshenko wrote on tweeter: “The presidential plane with Hero of Ukraine Nadiya Savchenko has landed!” in Ukrainian earlier on Wednesday.

Savchenko was in defiant mood at Kiev’s Boryspil airport, speaking to reporters, saying “I am ready to once again give my life for Ukraine on the battlefield.”

Nadiya thanked the people of Ukraine and her family that supported her for the time of her imprisonment in Russia at a joint news conference. She added: “Ukraine has the right to be, and it will be!” pledging to do all she can to free the Ukrainian nationalists that are being kept as prisoners in parts of Ukraine that are controlled by pro-Russian rebels as well in Ukraine itself.

She was awarded a Hero of Ukraine medal by President Poroshenko shortly after the release of her imprisonment. The president also commented: “This is our common victory!”

angela-merkel-austerity-europe-germanyAngela Merkel( German Chancellor), as well as Francois Hollande( French president) and the US President Barack Obama, were personally thanked by Mr. Poroshenko for supporting Ukraine.

Federica Mogherini, the EU foreign affairs chief, reacted with to Nadiya’s release with these words: “long-awaited good news, that the EU celebrates with her country”. German Minister Steinmeier also commented saying “good news that we have long worked for.”

Savchenko spent two years in jail, from 2014 to 2016, as separatists in Donetsk and Luhansk, eastern regions of Ukraine continued their fight with the government forces. Nadiya denied the charges saying that is was impossible to direct the artillery attack because she was kidnapped before the attack occurred. She was handed over to the Russian authorities over the border later.

She started a hunger strike, during her time in a Russian jail, and was elected to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe during this period.

The two Russian Nationals were met by their wives accompanied by media representatives at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport. Russia denies the Ukraine’s accusations that they were active as members of elite Russian military intelligence, by saying they were not on duty when captured in eastern Ukraine.

North Yorkshire fracking decision

The technique that many find controversial, which allows fracking in other sites throughout North Yorkshire, only made things worse as it restarted the debate that was already pretty much intense. The North Yorkshire councilors voted on Monday make fracking in the village, near Kirby Mispearton, possible and ready to act. It was the first application that was approved since 2011. This decision was also regarded to as a victory for pragmatism by people who are in favor for this idea. The process of fracking refers to the extraction of oil and gas from rocks, usually by pumping with high pressure the liquid to extract it.Flag_Union_Jack

The government sees this technique license as very crucial for the need for future energy that was stalled since 2011 after the tests occurred on the coast of Flyde, in Lancashire. This was found as a probable cause of the multiple reported earthquakes in the vicinity of the area.

Other regions of the subject for the ones hostile encompass fears that water supply can be contaminated with this technique. The application to drill turned into granting to the United Kingdom firm electricity to frack for shale gasoline at a present drilling site using an existing -mile deep well – referred to as KM8 – drilled in 2013.

There were more than hundred protesters that attended the meeting that happened in North Allerton to raise awareness for the anger toward the project that had been waiting for the approval as recommended by the experts.

The planning committee voted as 7 members of the council were in favor and only four against. Anti-fracking campaigners are now considering a possible felony challenge.

A couple of objections made from people that don’t support the plan have been heard of over few before the actual selection of the decision. Supporters together with farmers, landowners, and other  Third Energy employees had a couple of things to say for themselves regarding the issue.

Paul-EkinsProfessor Paul Ekins, professor of assets and environmental coverage at College London, advised BBC Radio 4’s these days program that this decision turned into a media spillage information. He said they were nevertheless making plan conditions that the company should observe, so fracking on the website could now not start without delay.

Even as campaigners fear this selection will open up fracking somewhere else in England, it is not clean that it units are legal precedent.

Cuadrilla’s plans for Lancashire, which were rejected via councilors, contain months of drilling and fracking at two green discipline sites. But this plan includes presenting correctly, so no drilling is required. The entire operation may be over in 8 weeks. The site has also been producing gasoline since the 1990’s.

indicador-económicoHowever, local councilors facing those decisions in destiny could be able to mention they failed to kick-begin fracking. Whatever the decision may be, New Yorkshire has serious plans to make to secure its future. For all the right intentions the board has that are common to the interests of the city one or few don’t go together with the regulations.

Greece is Close to Resolving Financial Problems

After talks and negotiations with the board of finance in Brussels, Greece has agreed to a deal that would liberate this financially unstable country from 10,3 billion debt, close to 11.5 in dollars and 7.8 in pounds that accumulated from numerous worldwide lenders. The finance minister of Eurozone also agreed on this matter of resolving the financial problem for Greece, also by prolonging the duration of repayment as well as for the capping of costs of interest. This deal was needed for Greece to repay the debts in July as the final month of the agreement.

gty_man_stressed_money_thg_120123_wmainThe government of Greece is in loans from their creditors with over 300 billion dollars, which is approximately one hundred eighty percent of the county’s annual economic output.

A big leap forward.

1093364_54138579The IMF, the worldwide economic fund, has been in disagreements with Euro group of the Eurozone’s ministers of finance for some time now. They don’t see fitting the idea of debt comfort for this country that has been struggling for a while now with debts. All nineteen ministers said that deal was made possible by the reforms in the economic system of Greece, which they see and refer to as a step forward.

The deal itself doesn’t reduce the original amount of money in the debt but rather just eases the interest rates and extends time to make country refresh the system to become financially stable once again. This deal is seen by many as a way of buying the time, and this is not far from the truth but is not only that.

dijsselbloem_eu_logo-thumb-largeThe question remains as we are still not aware how horrific these matters are for the citizens of Greece and how the austerity has labored out for the countries of Eurozone. Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the Eurogroup’s president, has informed the press and the journalists on Wednesday of this matter. He stated that they had executed the first step that pushes Greece to a new level and phase in the monetary help program for this country. He also added that the measure of the package depth will be phased in gradually. This became the first assessment under the country’s third Eurozone bailout that was secured in August. This will be the ultimate year for their debt after which Alexis Tsirpras, The Prime Minister of Greece, will call a snap election. This pass came days later after the Greek parliament has authorized every other round of spending the increasing tax, as instructed by their global lenders.

The Eurozone ministers of finance also created a state privatization fund with this bill as a request from their advising team. There was a demonstration before with protestors that don’t agree on this issue that occurred outside of the parliament. Greece’s ministers of finance agree that this is a big step in decreasing the debt that they made for the county. There is still a final approve to be made by the IMF to continue with this program that will help this country to escape the financial crisis.

Clinton Accused by State Department for email Security

State Department accused Hillary Clinton along with some other US Secretaries for breaching the contract and handling with email security with disregard by not following the rules and regulations. They are stating that Mrs. Clinton has failed in following the rules that are endorsed to the employee by the state before the beginning of their services in record keeping. The continuance of official business using private emails without the approval is strictly prohibited, as the general inspector warmed. The response from former first lady Mrs. Clinton was of defending nature. She said that she didn’t do anything different than her predecessor, who acted the same way and still didn’t get sued by the State Department.

They have accused a group of former US secretaries actually including Hilary, all for the same reason – poorly managing with email protection. As the inspector determined, she was unable to observe properly the regulations on file preserving thus breaching the privacy of US citizens.

There are however some longstanding, weaknesses in the system of file retailing, flaws of the system that were present even before she started acting as US secretary.

job-opportunitiesThe theories that suggested that these weaknesses appear during her tenure were discarded, after the close inspection of the files and the system itself. The fact that there was no breach of her server supports the theory that this has been going on for a while. The FBI is conducting a parallel research although they did not interview Mrs. Clinton so far.

She is denying the categorized dealing with her private emails.

This electronic mail story that involves Mrs. Clinton is roaming the public for some time now, mainly because of the constant updates on the digital correspondence that Mrs. Clinton was conducting through her services to the state. It will have a political toll, as she admits, but also adding that resolving this matter with the State Department is the first step of releasing her from the burden and easing the weight of the pressure supplied by the public press. The timing couldn’t be worse for Mrs. Clinton as she is near the finish of the campaign she is leading, not to mention the July’s political convention that is close.

pic_part_time_law_degree_londonThe fact that the statistics she disclosed were incomplete and that she didn’t get the permission from the Kingdom Department for setting up her email server only brings more weight to the critics and accusations that target Mrs. Clinton. Her only defense is the fact that this has been occurring for some time now, and that the report suggests same flaws in the system even before her tenure. She is also adding to the defense the fact that she didn’t do any differently from her colleagues that work at the same position.  Shortly upon the discovery, the state department informed her to stop the usage of her system. She adds to the defense by stating that she was not immediately informed as she should be in situations similar to the one she is being accused of.

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